Aluminium products

Building facades

Stalfa makes elements of building facades both from steel and aluminium. We cooperate in this area with renowned domestic and foreign companies. We supply small elements, balcony and stair railings, and complete structures. Facades made of steel are protected against corrosion in the manner chosen by the customer, i.e. hot-dip galvanised, powder-coated or spray-painted. Anti-corrosion protection ensures durability of the structure and its aesthetic appearance.

Work platforms

Stalfa constructs specialised platforms that are used for special works on high-rise buildings. They are used for safe access to building facades during service works. They also allow easy and quick access to chimneys, antennas, dams, bridges, wind turbines and more. Platform structures are made according to the documentation provided by the customer. The platforms are made of both steel and aluminium. They can be electrically or manually operated.

Mobile platforms for the energy industry

The movable platforms we manufacture for the power industry are used during inspections and repairs of boilers in power plants. The platforms are equipped with certified electrical equipment.

The platforms are designed specifically for a particular type and size of the boiler.

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